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Lineage 2 - Abyss Vote! Classic 3.012

  • Date added: 2020-10-12 20:47:59
  • Owner: Diana Tkachuk
  • Website:
  • Status:
  • Coming soon: 2020-10-30 20:00:00 GMT+3
  • Language: English
  • Geolocation: Germany
  • Platform / Type: L2J Normal
Server rates
  • EXP: 10
  • SP: 10
  • DROP: 2
  • ADENA: 4
  • Safe enchant: 3
  • Max enchant: 16
Good to know
  • GM shop:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Custom zone:
  • Custom weapon:
  • Custom armor:
  • Offline shop:
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L2Abysscom Classic Kamael x10
Grand Opening 23th of October 2000 GMT 2

Unique GAME conception
Long Term Project No Corruption
Best Bot Protection
Big Clans Stable server Over 3000 Real Online players

Discord Community httpsdiscordgguaZHEsp
Website httpl2abysscom

Maximum Clients per computer 3
Auto Loot for items from monsters and manual pickup for raid bosses
Buff duration 4 hours
Offline store offline
Services Buffer ALTB
ShiftClick on the monster shows you its droplist chances
1st 2nd and 3rd class transfer are free on our server
Total buff slots 24 and 12 Songs Dances
Protection system ActiveAnticheat antibot 100 anti adrenaline or any known bot software
Exp x10
SP x10
Adena x4
DropSpoil x2
Auto learn skill to 75 lvl
Bonus Premium 30
Raid Boss Drop х15


Giran Castle Every Sunday at 2000 server time
Aden Castle Every Sunday at 2000 server time


Olympiad Period every 1 week Sunday the announcement of the winners
Olympiad starts Thursday Saturday time 2000 ends 0000
Olympiad minimum participants requirement to start is 5
Maximum number of fights 80


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